About the Who Did What?! Game


You may enjoy the story of how the game Who Did What?! was created.

It all started in the Fall of 2018 with a several-day gathering of extended family. We enjoy playing games of all sorts when we get together. One game we played that Fall was a typical question-and-answer card game with set-up, or question, cards, and answer cards from which the players chose in their hands to play as a response to a set-up card. After we'd played the game several times, we had cycled through all the answer cards, and we decided to start writing our own answers. We had much More fun with that playing method. As we were parting and going our separate ways, a family member stated that the game would have been Even More fun if the set-up cards had featured us. I thought that was a great idea, and I took up the challenge to create such a game for us.

I debuted the result with the family in the summer of 2019. We had a lot of laughs playing what we dubbed 'The Family Game'. A few weeks later, one family member asked to borrow the game to play while on vacation with friends.

That request started my wheels turning, and I realized that other people, outside the family, may enjoy playing. I put together six prototype games, and started rotating them among family and friends across the country to play and give me feedback. The response was very encouraging!

During the Spring of 2020, the family played the game online via videoconference. The Pandemic expansion pack was created to play during those sessions. I was inspired to create the Youth expansion pack in the Fall of 2020 as a result of playing the game with friends who have young children.

Along the way, I hired a graphic designer to work with me in creating the commercial game version, and I contracted with a manufacturer to produce the game. Thus, Who Did What?! came to be.


I hope you enjoy playing!

Brenda Speer, Creator & President, Who Did What?!

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